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What's Really Happening in Mexico? A Snapshot
Friday, 14 November 2014
Hugo Salinas Price

This is an article which appeared in the Mexican press. It provides a snapshot of what is going on in Mexico. The events related here have caused a national upheaval based on a misunderstanding of the facts which is being used by the Left to destabilize Mexico. This is extremely ironic, as the Left itself is deeply involved in this tragedy.

Translation by Hugo Salinas Price.

By Luis González de Alba
November 10, 2014.

This is the story about the end of one of the "actions" that the rural School for Teachers, in the small town of Ayotzinapa, carries out every day: the older students haze those who have recently entered school.

The hazing had been going on for years, for decades, without ending in tragedy; but special, unexpected circumstances came together and we should have listened to the words of Attorney General Murillo Karam as he related the hair-raising story of the end of one of so many "actions", which the rural School for Teachers of Ayotzinapa carries out every day: the older students haze the recently enrolled boys; they are to steal buses in which they are to go after "donations for the cause".

The "normalistas", as the students at the Schools for Teachers are known, demand automatic, definitive and perpetual enrollment as paid teachers, when they finish their haphazard studies, which are interrupted by strikes, demonstrations and blockages of the highway between Mexico City and Acapulco, which is close at hand; they take over the toll booths and demand "voluntary" quotas. In 2011, during one of those blockages, they set fire to a gasoline station in which the worker Gonzalo Rivas died - burnt alive - while he was closing the gasoline pipes. This he achieved, at the cost of his life. And there is no effort whatsoever, to find the students guilty of this crime.

Just why do these students steal trucks loaded with beer and snacks? Why do they destroy businesses as they go? Because those about to graduate are demanding their automatic employment as teachers upon graduation, without any competition from other aspirers in order to select the best for the jobs; their employment [according to the present rules] will be definitive and with no reasons for possible dismissal: neither consecutive absences, as in the National University or the Polytechnic Institute, nor complaints from their students, nor lack of preparation for classes, nor for any other actions can they be removed from their lifetime tenure once placed as teachers in public schools.

On this occasion, the hazing order given to the new students consisted in carrying out a mission to Iguala [a town south of Mexico City] to disrupt the meeting gathered to hear the idle official report of the Municipal First Lady, Maria de los Angeles Pineda, as head of the DIF [the local branch of the Social Welfare Program of the Mexican Government]. The meeting was also planned to launch her as a candidate in the election for Mayor of Iguala, a position at that time occupied by her husband, Jose Luis Abarca. Maria de los Angeles was supported by a coalition of political parties among which the strongest was the [leftist] PRD.

Did the organizers of the mischievous operation to sabotage Maria's report know that the lady was the head of the group United Warriors, local masters of the drug trade? That was the detonating factor. And that her husband, Abarca, had previously assassinated an opponent, belonging to the same PRD political party, Arturo Hernandez, by a shotgun blast to the face? He did not have him killed: Abarca shot Hernandez as his victim stood beside what would be his grave. Did they know?

This changes the whole setting: it was not, as in 2013, just the mischief of disrupting the lady's gathering. Mayor Abarca had taken steps in advance and had advised his municipal police. The police stopped the stolen buses, and attacked another bus where six people were killed, among them a young football player of third division. The would-be disrupters of the party were taken to Cocula [a neighboring town]. The collusion between municipal police and organized crime did the rest: they were turned over to United Warriors, and it seems the boys were identified as members of a rival gang, The Reds. Not all, but 17 of them. This fact has not been confirmed, but whether true or not, the United Warriors gang led by Maria de los Angeles Pineda did so believe, and this explains the ferocious vengeance perpetrated against the students. These boys only thought they were going to disrupt a party, which they knew how to do, and which they had done the previous year. Were some members of The Reds mixed up amongst them, with plans to attack United Warriors?

Sidronio Casarrubias, top honcho of the criminal group United Warriors, arrested on the 16th of October, in his statement to the District Attorney declared that on the night of the 26th of September he received a message from his lieutenant, El Cabo Gil, in which Gil informed him that he had detained or captured an opposing group. Supposedly, members of The Reds. Sidronio told his lieutenant to kill them. So ended the "hazing".

The arrest [of the students] and their delivery to criminals was ordered by Mayor Abarca; these operations were carried out by municipal police of Iguala and Cocula; the death of the students was ordered by Sidronio when he heard the information given to him by El Gil; three executioners are under arrest and have confessed. The others have been located.

The first link is missing: Who the Hell sent these boys to their deaths? As Mahler said: "In this weather, in this storm, who sent the children outside?" (Kindertotenlieder). And who is stoking the fires of revolution?

The Pact: No one can block streets, hijack buses or cargo, set fire to gas stations, stage hold-ups or vandalize. Is it necessary to put this in writing?