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Folly Triumphant

Hugo Salinas Price

The world today is in the hands of a set of quacks who pass themselves off as "Economists"; their pseudo-economic science is nothing but ancient superstition dressed in modern garb. Yesterday they sold us "Indulgences", today they sell State Bonds... more>>


Russia Is Preparing for Nuclear War with the US and Its Allies


The war hysteria we saw a few months ago in the United States must have set off alarm bells in Russia. Therefore, we should expect Russia to be as quiet as possible for the next six to twelve months while they deploy their missiles, and once they are in place, then we may well enter into the greatest existential crisis in the history of the west... more>>


Artificially Lowered Interest Rates Cause Stagnating Wages and Unemployment

Hugo Salinas Price

Professor Antal E. Fekete has made a remarkable discovery in the field of Economics: artificially lowered interest rates - the fundamental instrument of economic intervention in all the developed countries, practiced in the US by the Federal Reserve - are detrimental to Labor, whether Manual Labor or Management Labor, i.e., detrimental to both the working class and the middle class.... more>>


A Silver Coin that is Money To Calm the National Tantrum in Mexico

Hugo Salinas Price

When a baby is having a tantrum because he’s tired or sleepy, the best thing to get baby to forget what bothers him is by distracting him with anything you may have at hand: a pair of glasses, a rattle, or a bunch of keys. Give Mexicans a silver coin which has been turned into money!... more>>


What's Really Happening in Mexico? A Snapshot

Hugo Salinas Price

The events related here have caused a national upheaval based on a misunderstanding of the facts which is being used by the Left to destabilize Mexico.... more>>


On the Payment of Interest

Hugo Salinas Price

The divorce between the interest of the borrower in taking a loan and the interest of the banker in granting it is to a degree responsible for the condition of excess which prevails in Western finance, currently enjoying a boom gone out of control.... more>>


The Fall in International Reserve Assets

Hugo Salinas Price

Over the course of the last 18 years, there has never been a period during which International Monetary Reserves decreased. Now the quite extraordinary news is that International Reserve Assets are not just stalling, they are actually going into reverse ... more>>


Richard Cantillon and Fiat Money

Hugo Salinas Price

Cantillon was a man of extraordinary intelligence. He detected the fraud which John Law was committing under the senseless protection of the Regent, and clearly understood its terrible and inevitable consequences... more>>


The Tribute the World Pays to the Empire

Hugo Salinas Price

The bald truth is that $12 trillion dollars is the imperial tribute extracted from all the countries that do not issue a reserve currency, and delivered to the countries that issue the reserve currencies, in the course of the last 43 years... more>>


Fiat Money and Independence for Scotland

Hugo Salinas Price

Fiat money promotes Separatism. It tends to separate distant regions from the centre which issues the fiat money... ... more>>
More Articles (150 total) << < 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 > >>
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Hugo Salinas Price, World Riba Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov. 26, 2012.
Hugo Salinas Price, World Riba Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov. 26, 2012.
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