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Silver and the Great Future of Mexico

Hugo Salinas Price

Lecture of the author at the solemn ceremony of his appointment as Honorary Professor of Northwest Institute of Management of the Russian Presidential Academy, at the Embassy of the Russian Federation, Mexico City ... more>>


This Insubstantial Pageant Faded...

Hugo Salinas Price

The world has grown so tired, so exhausted by the never-ending problem of safeguarding savings in the official dream-money and keeping them out of the grasp of government, that the idea of Bitcoin has captured the imagination of the great international public... more>>


The Gnostic Plague

Hugo Salinas Price

The objectives of Gnosticism are essentially unattainable, because it is impossible to change the nature of the human being, and it is just as impossible to achieve a transfigured society. All Gnostics share this trait: the denial of reality... more>>


Bonds Will Not Turn Into a Noah's Flood of Cash

Hugo Salinas Price

I enjoyed talking with Greg Hunter. Greg caught me off balance at the beginning of our interview, with a question for which I was quite unprepared: 'What happens when the debt cloud begins to rain debt on the world?"... more>>


Where Are We Today?

Hugo Salinas Price

As 72 years of world leadership on the part of the US fade into history, who will take over world leadership? I suggest it will be Eurasia: Europe, Russia and China in economic cooperation. Will the transfer of leadership take place peacefully, or will it require a WW III?... more>>


The Further Decline in International Reserves

Hugo Salinas Price

The rate of decline is almost certainly going to increase, because the spring that has fed International Reserves since 1971 – the US Trade Deficit – is the object of the attention of Mr. Donald Trump... more>>


Trump's Ignorance

Hugo Salinas Price

The president elect of the US, Mr. Trump, does not know what he is doing when he proposes protectionist measures to encourage the reindustrialization of the US and bring home again, the American industry that emigrated to foreign lands... more>>


A Christmas Present for my Readers

Hugo Salinas Price

I foolishly decided to put into book form a collection of my essays in English. The edition was of 200 copies, hardback and printed on good paper, and the volumes contain 767 pages of my scribbling. I am offering 125 of these books, signed by me, free of charge to my readers...... more>>


How Much Gold Is There in India?

Hugo Salinas Price

If any country is ready for the gold standard, it is India. India is reputed to be a country with a highly corrupt bureaucracy; furthermore, flaunting regulations is built-in to the Indian psyche - a condition which protects personal freedom... more>>


A Reversal in the Trend of International Reserves

Hugo Salinas Price

When a trend has been firmly in place in the world for 45 years, a reversal of that trend must be the result of a profound change which will produce a new trend. The new trend is deflation, contraction of credit... more>>
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Hugo Salinas Price, World Riba Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov. 26, 2012.
Hugo Salinas Price, World Riba Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov. 26, 2012.
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