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Causes and effects

Hugo Salinas Price

Cars do not run on water, they run on gasoline. Economies – civilizations themselves – cannot function on simulated money, money that is fraudulent, fictitious and imaginary (in the case of bank money)... more>>


Hugo Salinas Price's conference at Madrid

Hugo Salinas Price

In Mexico, the idea of silver money is well known and it is only a matter of time for this Bill to be approved by the Congress. However, this project can also be carried out in any other country. Spain could mint its own silver ounce and follow the fundamental outline which I have proposed for the Mexican silver ounce... more>>


Consensus and all that rot

Hugo Salinas Price

It's really fortunate for the journalists at The Wall St. Journal and the Financial Times that there is no consensus on the causes of this crisis, for they will be able to sell a lot of words to their bosses at the papers. However, the cause of the crisis is quite plain... more>>


The long and the short of it

Hugo Salinas Price

The enormous increases in cash available at the banks are insignificant in comparison with the prevailing enormous shorts on cash and long positions in debt. The squeeze is implacable. In effect, everyone on God’s green earth is trying to obtain cash – which means going long on cash – and trying to pay down debt – which means shorting debt... more>>


Gold: the protector and creator of jobs

Hugo Salinas Price

The fiat dollar – unanchored to gold – was the greatest strategic gift that the US could have made to China. Now, they have a huge industrial base and the US has Oh, so little!... more>>


Mexico’s central bank contradicts itself

Hugo Salinas Price

Banco de Mexico´s Central Bank, has expressed the opinion that the monetization of the “Libertad” silver ounce would be inflationary. Its opposition to the monetization of the silver ounce is dogmatic, ideological and lacking in any logical support... more>>


The strange case of falling international reserves

Hugo Salinas Price

Suddenly, since August, Reserves have stopped growing. What is the significance of the drastic change in the growth-trend of International Reserves, from explosive growth, to the sudden beginning of a contraction?... more>>


An exercise in myth-busting

Hugo Salinas Price

“Financing expenditure” is a myth. All actions in the Present have effects in the Present. If a nation decides to live beyond its means, the result is not delayed into the future by “financing”. That nation becomes poorer in the here and now... more>>


Banco Azteca: New policy on purchase and sale of silver ‘Libertad’ coins

Hugo Salinas Price

Banco Azteca, with over 800 branches in Mexico, informs us that it will apply a new policy to the purchase and sale of silver “Libertad” ounces, in response to the restriction on supply of silver “Libertad” coins applied last week by the Bank of Mexico... more>>


Tribute paid in oil

Hugo Salinas Price

We can quite correctly say that the US and the Eurozone – and other countries whose currencies are considered “reserve currencies” – are “paying” for their oil imports with nothing at all... more>>
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Hugo Salinas Price, World Riba Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov. 26, 2012.
Hugo Salinas Price, World Riba Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov. 26, 2012.
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