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The gold price: the reds against the blues

Hugo Salinas Price

I do not have a crystal ball to tell me the future, nor do I have any special input from insider sources to inform me of what is going on; as a gold-bug I read what all the other gold-bugs are reading.

This past week I downloaded six graphs from kitco.com. They are the daily gold graphs for April 19, 20, 23, 24, 25 and 26, 2012.

The background to these graphs is the titanic bankruptcy of Europe and the impending end of the Euro, alongside the catastrophic condition of the US with its outlandish fiscal deficits for which no end is in sight, and an interest rate policy that cannot return to reality without causing instant collapse – all suspended for the time being in a condition of hypnotic levitation.

Thursday, April 19

Thursday, April 19

This is a picture of an epic struggle between the party of world-controllers that wants to hold down the price of gold during this enormous crisis of Western civilization, and the party composed of individuals, institutions and finance ministries around the world that are scared witless about losing their precious capital. Equally frightened are the controllers of the gold price, for with a soaring price of gold their world-control will evaporate.

These emotions are visible in this graph.

About 9 a.m. (NY time) the controllers decided to hit the gold price good and hard; the controllers are not out to short gold because they want to make money by doing so – their motivation is not profit, but keeping the price of gold down and in a falling trend. Whatever fiat money is lost in controlling the price of gold is totally insignificant to the controllers, because if gold is allowed to trade unhampered it will rise who knows what height and destroy the value of paper money, and paper money is one of the pillars of world control. Losing paper money means nothing to the world-controllers – more can always be produced.

So at about 8:15 a.m the controllers hit gold and brought its price down about $8 dollars to $1,632 in a few minutes.

However, fifteen minutes later, as soon as the controllers stopped selling gold, those who are scared witless about losing the capital they own piled in furiously and bought gold hand over fist taking it up to a peak of $1,658 just before 10 a.m.

This is far more exciting than watching a Wimbledon tennis match! World control is wearing red, private property is wearing blue. At $1,658 the controllers smashed the ball back and down about $6 bucks. The buyers responded weakly and the controllers proceeded with a take-down to $1,640 by 1 p.m., exactly where it was the preceding midnight.

Friday, April 20

Friday, April 20

Wow! What a match! Furious buying on the part of the blues – private property - and equally furious selling by the world-controllers, the reds.

Just look at the action! Spikes up answered by slams down! This is literally the “World Cup” that’s in play. Desperation and determination on both sides.

Monday, April 23

Monday, April 23

The reds start early, just after 3 a.m. NY time. The blues – private property - let them come on, waiting for a good price to start bidding. The blues hold their fire until about 8:30 a.m. and at $1,624 begin to buy, bringing the price of gold up to $1,639 just before 5 p.m., with little response by the reds.

Tuesday, April 24

Tuesday, April 24

This time the private property blues come on strong about 3 a.m., and start buying at $1,634. The world-controllers are taking a rest and let the blues bid up the price to $1,649, when the controllers decide to punish them and spoil their day; the reds bring the price down to $1,641.

Wednesday, April 25

Wednesday, April 25

The game today was dramatic! The price of gold was hovering around $1,642 from midnight to noon, when shortly after 12 noon NY time the world controllers had a tantrum and blasted the gold ball down vertically in the space of an hour to $1,625 – we can hear them saying: “That’ll teach you buggers!” But the response of the private property blues was equally vicious: a vertical streak of buying from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m raised the price of gold to $1,646. Not to let the blues have the last word, the reds responded by taking it down again in the next 60 minutes to $1,638. Blues came back again and took it back up to $1,643 by 3 p.m. No gain for the blues but no win for the reds, either.


Thursday, April 26

Thursday, April 26

The price of gold stood at $1,646 at midnight, NY time. The private property blues had the upper hand, the world controller reds batted the ball back but in general the blues carried the day, with the price of gold at 3:30 p.m at $1,657.50, a gain of $11.50 on the day’s graph.


The objective of the reds in this game is to keep the price of gold down during this huge crisis in the financial system of the West. If they can keep this game going until August, with the price of gold remaining about $1,650, we will then begin to read and hear comments that “the gold dummies haven’t made a nickel since August last year! While the stock market has outperformed and is way up at…..” And they will claim that gold is now in a “falling trend” – Jeff Christian recently crowed that “the top in gold is in!” Well, Jeff, remember “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings!”

The world controllers are hoping to take the wind out of the private property blues’ sails, hoping to stamp out the idea that gold has any possibility of future appreciation in terms of fiat money.

In the meantime, from my own point of view, the world controller reds are doomed to defeat; while they may toss billions of paper money away trying to stamp out interest in gold, they are actually providing cheap prices for the private property blues to acquire precious and scarce gold at bargain-basement prices.

I read comments that the physical gold off-take is heavy and draining the stocks of gold available for delivery. At some point, therefore, there may not be enough gold to go around at present prices. Those who purchase physical gold tend to hang on to it and will not resell, especially at present prices. Therefore, something is going to have to give…and that means much higher gold prices.

We blues are looking far ahead, where the smashes and paralysis of the gold price mean nothing against the looming crisis to beat all crises which faces our civilization.

Watching the antics of the world controllers is amusing, and nothing more.

I do have a suspicion that we may witness a singularity, an unexpected event that stampedes the private property blues into buying physical gold hand over fist and that we may see a very hefty breakout of the gold price. This can happen at any time now, it seems to me.

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Hugo Salinas Price, World Riba Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov. 26, 2012.
Hugo Salinas Price, World Riba Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov. 26, 2012.
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